Project post-doc-blog

Just an additional post doc babaling about his/her work/life? Well, in a way that’s true, but the intention is different. In one of the (many) post doc proposals I submitted during 2013 I suggested to start a post doc blog in order to keep people informed how, why and where their hard earned tax money is spend.

I think this is an important and often unappreciated aspect of publicly funded science. In my opinion its our obligation, as scientists, to reach out and offer everyone interested  to opportunity to see what we do and hopefully conclude that it is worth doing. This blog will hopefully serve as such a window into my research life and I invite everyone to come and take a look.

In addition I hope that I can provide at least some orientation for early stage academics in similar situations by documenting my personal path (including kids, long paternity breaks etc.) through the academic jungle.

starting early 2014


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