Concept of fairness

The evolution of cooperation is one of the most important transitions in evolutionary history. The factors favoring cooperation over selfish interests have kept biologist busy over the last century. This “old” paper examined “inequality aversion” or the “sense of fairness” in brown capuchin monkey as a potential factor promoting group cohesion and cooperation.

The experiment was rather simple. The researchers challenged two monkeys (who could observe each other) with a simple task, but rewarded them unequal. One monkey consistently got a low quality reward, while the other one always got a high quality reward for exactly the same amount of work. Watch what happens!

the paper can be found here

the video can be found here



Winner of the Nescent film festival

A video presenting some work I did together with Dirk Metzler, Susanne Foitzik and Pleuni Pennings in 2012. This video won the Nescent film festival 2013 at the Evolution conference in Utah. Most of the credit for that video belongs to Pleuni Pennings! I just assisted.

copyright Pleuni Pennings

The preprint of the paper this video is based on can be found here: