“it is the papers, not the journals they´re published in, that make the impact.” (Damian Pattinson)

A very nice post by Damian Pattinson at Plos ONE community blogs. Discussing the view of Plos ONE regarding paper impact and how to measure it! Defiantly a good read.



Paper by NASA scientists retracted for plagiarizing NASA report

I think the lesson to be learned is DON’T be lazy and invest some time and thought! Its Ok to get inspiration but never copy paste….. Something I tried to teach every one of my students….I think the problem starts during the undergraduate years and must be fixed at this stage.

Retraction Watch

레이아웃 1A team of researchers including NASA scientists have retracted a December 2012 article because it plagiarized…a 2000 NASA report.

Here’s the notice for “A Fosmid Cloning Strategy for Detecting the Widest Possible Spectrum of Microbes from the International Space Station Drinking Water System,” published in Genomics & Informatics:

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National Cockroach Project


A while ago, before I started blogging, a old friend of mine send me an e-mail with a link to a project he is working on at the moment. It turned out to be really cool.

Using the well established technique of DNA barcoding, thats one type of DNA fingerprinting which is becoming more and more popular, this project aims to study one of the most successful arthropods following humans around the globe: the american cockroach (Periplaneta americana). Yes, these lovely insects don’t have the best reputation but thats just another reason to study them in more detail and see what they are up to!

The really cool thing about this project, besides the insect in focus, is that EVERYONE can participate!!! Yes, even YOU can become a cockroach investigator (a secret dream coming true???), participating in a cutting edge science project! Just find some roaches and send them to NY. You can find the detailed instructions on the NCP homepage page.

The project homepage

And good luck hunting!