Pokemon meets biology meets education

I was never a huge Pokemon fan. Now that I think about it I never cared for it. I was simply a couple years to old I guess. But even then I watch my little brothers being fascinated by the entire franchise. Video Games, trading cards, action, monsters fighting  etc etc etc Pokemon had it all. I remember that my brothers know all the names, the stats and everything necessary to be an expert in this game. Recently I stumbled over this great project. Apparently I the was not only one noticing the time and afford kids are willing to invest in something fun, but in contrast to myself they made something out of it. A couple of smart people thought that knowing so much about fictional creatures is not so much different from knowing real animals. and they decided to make a :”non-commercial-open-access-open-source-because-basically-this-is-good-for-you-your-children-and-your-planet” game out of it. Its real animals and they ave stats and you can play and everyone can participate in creating new content! I have no idea if it works but it is a cool idea worth writing about and sharing! So go out and participate and share the crap out of this project!