Bad Memory? Repressed sexual abuse memory paper retracted for data inconsistencies

Ok, this is one of the reasons why I’m a strict supporter of a radical open data policy. In my opinion the raw, unaltered data a paper is based must be made public upon publication (In order to ensure transparency). If one author refuses to communicate the raw data even with co authors that smell very very fishy………

Retraction Watch

memoryThe journal Memory has retracted a paper on repressed sexual abuse after a protracted dispute between the authors and an institutional investigation in The Netherlands that led to no findings of misconduct against the first author, Elke Geraerts  — a rising star in the field of social psychology. (The title of hers TEDx talk, by the way, is “Resilience as a key to success.”)

The article, titled “Linking thought suppression and recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse,” was published in 2008 and has been cited 10 times, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge. Here’s the retraction notice:

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